ProteCover protects vital equipment parts during cleaning such as operating panels, touchscreens etc.

Protect vital equipment

Many companies clean their processing equipment without professional protection covers so mostly available plastic sheets are used to cover vital equipment parts.

The solution

It is of great importance to protect vital parts when cleaning the contaminated equipment. Unfortunately this is difficult since most switch boxes, operating panels, touch screens etc. are close to the cleaning areas of the machine.

The food industry is looking for a solution to reduce water damage, downtime and repair cost due to high pressure cleaning without proper protection.

Food Design Solution has, together with Schot Excellent Cutting, developed the ProteCover concept.

These custom designed covers protect these vital equipment parts. The materials used are specially designed to resist most common used cleaning chemicals.

Use of ProteCover will minimize Maintenance cost, Downtime and so Cost of Ownership !



• Operating panels
• Switch boxes
• Motors
• Other Critical Parts
• Metal detectors
• Printers
• Packaging equipment etc.


• Reduces downtime
• Resistant to most common used cleaning chemicals
• No holdback during cleaning
• ProteCover is custom sized and can be delivered in many colors

Printed Covers

ProteCover can be printed with any company logo or equipment name.

ProteCovers in the field

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals are especially designed for efficient cleaning and disinfection of the Operating panels, Touchscreens etc.

Cleaning Cart

Disassembled Equipment parts can be placed on the cart for easy cleaning, this minimize damage to the parts as well. ProteCover can be placed on the cart for drying.

Innovative manufacturing method

ProteCover is manufactured by means of Hygenic Ultrasonic Welding Technolgy, these seals avoid collecting dirt and easy to clean.

ProteCovers on the workfloor

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