The saying: “there is always room for improvement” is the base for Food Design Solutions. From our decennia of expertise in the processing industry, we have set-up a number of concepts to reduce cost of products produced. We’d gladly help you identify the ‘sweetspots’ in your company and optimize the performance and turn them into opportunities.

Tailormade Food Design Solutions


We deliver innovative Process Technology advice and support for a wide range of Convenience Food Products. This includes: preparation, marination, loading, forming, coating, frying, cooking, cooling, freezing and packaging.


You can also contact us about Advisory Board Member ship. We can present comments and advice to the board and are also able to participate in the strategic decision process.


We can present Food Processing know-how and experience which you or your company can use during the decision process of (future) investments.

Detection & Disinfection Solutions

Detection: BioFilm

Biofinder is a helpful tool for hygiene control in the food sector. It detects contamination within 30 seconds! Using Biofinder, you can check the level of hygiene in your operations easily and any time without investing in expensive systems and specialists.

Disinfection: Jimco

Due to increasingly higher hygiene demands in the food processing industry, the use of UV-C light to eliminate microorganisms e.g. bacteria, fungi, and viruses, is becoming more and more commonly used. Jimco’s UV-C & Ozon technology is a unique solution for complete disinfection of surface in production areas.

Hygienic Solutions

Prevention: ProteCover

Many companies clean their processing equipment without professional protection covers. We have developed the ProteCover concept. These custom designed covers protect the vital parts of your equipment. The materials used are specially designed to resist most common used cleaning chemicals.

Prevention: Quick2Fix

Nooit meer boren in wanden (sandwich panels). Quick to Fix Boards is een snelle hygiënische manier om schoonmaakgereedschap op te bergen op meerdere gewenste locaties in uw bedrijf! Quick to fix wordt, binnen enkele seconden, middels magneten aan de muur bevestigd. In RVS en kunststof uitvoering.

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