About Food Design Solutions

The company started in 2014, as a new organization to offer innovative products and services for the (Convenience) Food Processing Industry.

Food Design Solutions is situated in Deurne, in the middle of the region where many of the convenience food products were born, actually we have been part of the birth of the Nugget.

Management has over 40 years experience in the design and production of Food Processing Equipment/Application as well as designing Food Processing Production Plants.

Through the years we noticed that there is a great need for non standard products and applications which are simply not available from the shelf and yet make a huge difference in maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost of products produced.

This has triggered us to start Food Design Solutions, creating a program filling up these gaps by setting up a number of innovative products/applications and services.

The topics are listed in the product section of this website and cover hygiene, Food safety, QA,  line efficiency, automation, advice and support.

Food Design Solutions

Scheepsboulevard 3
5707 KZ Helmond
The Netherlands
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